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Carrie White-Parrish

Carrie White-Parrish majored in English and Film at UCLA. After spending ten years holding internships and increasingly responsible positions in the publishing industry, she founded her own press. The year was 2008.

As Editorial Director and Publisher of Glass House Press, Ms. White-Parrish specializes in publishing high-quality YA fiction. She focuses on bringing to market new authors who hold breakthrough promise, and has achieved a sterling record of bestselling successes.

Ms. White-Parrish is also Managing Editor and Publisher of Jentana Press. Jentana specializes in high-quality fiction and nonfiction genres, with a focus on groundbreaking and controversial topics that stand out in a crowded literary field.

Ms. White-Parrish strives for excellence in everything publishing. She prides herself on her boutique approach to the selection and publication of promising literary works that that she can help break into the mainstream bestseller market. To provide authors with the support required to make their literary creations bestselling books, Jentana Press is highly discriminating in its selection and publication process.  

For further information on Jentana Press, please contact Carrie White-Parrish HERE.