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The Myth MakersWelcome to SEACOR—Fortune 500 star, and Wall Street's reigning darling.

The company's revolutionary investment program and catchy slogan—With SEACOR, You Can Retire Rich—has propelled it to a pinnacle of success no one dreamt possible. But now, Pat Kerrigan, the company's founder and charismatic leader, is dead. Ben Heller, his partner and cofounder, has assumed command.

Behind the scenes, unbeknownst to the world, Wall Street's golden goose is a wolf in sheep's clothing—a supercharged corporate man-o'-war teeming with seduction, deception, deadly intrigue, and a grand design: Take control of one of the oldest and richest industries in the world.

Can Heller pick up the reins . . . reenergize the financial empire . . . and deliver on Kerrigan's bullish promises? Or will he founder . . . and take the company down with him?

In the time-honored traditions of Jolly Roger enterprises, SEACOR's cutthroat young pirates are ruled by fear, energized by greed, and galvanized into common purpose by their insatiable lust for power, money, sex—and their compulsion to succeed at any price, by any means. Amidst fierce competition, interchangeable allegiances, and violent turf wars, Team SEACOR embarks on ruthless campaigns to pillage and plunder Establishment companies, unleashing a scourge of staggering white-collar crimes unsurpassed in the annals of American business.

As challenges escalate, the executives resort to increasingly desperate measures to meet Wall Street's expectations, satisfy the CEO's spiraling profit demands—and win a no-holds-barred, bottom-line performance competition for the corner office. Winner gets ultimate power. Loser is vanquished to the mushroom patch.

The Catch 22: The harder they push, the deeper they sink into a vortex of corruption . . . from which there is no escape.

The stakes: Success means unimaginable riches and power; failure, long-term prison sentences, and even extinction.