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Meet the Author



By age twenty-seven, Charles Parker had distinguished himself academically and professionally, and become a successful young executive with a promising corporate future. His accomplishments garnered media attention, and led to his recruitment by a prestigious executive search firm for a high-level management position at a thriving financial conglomerate—a Wall Street darling and a Fortune 500 rising star.

Charles thought he had landed his dream job. Unfortunately, he had actually landed in the belly of the beast of the greatest and most infamous white-collar crime in U.S. history. After swimming with some of the biggest, most legendary white-collar crime sharks of all time for more than two years, he and his lawyer reported the fraud to the authorities, and he left the company.

A year and a half later, the scandal exploded in the headlines. More than twenty executives, including Charles, were indicted by a federal grand jury in the most massive “shotgun” indictment ever returned in a white-collar crime. The bill of indictment charged the defendants with more than one hundred felony counts of fraud, embezzlement, and a barrage of other crimes. The scandal and its nightmarish aftermath destroyed Charles’ life and landed him in federal prison.

From prison, he represented himself pro se in federal district court, appealed his conviction, and, to everyone’s surprise, prevailed. He was free, but the process of reconstructing and resuming his life proved an onerous challenge that took many years to overcome. But [with the love and faith of a woman for wings, I rose from the ashes and soared once again] he prevailed in that challenge as well. He retired after serving seven years as Chairman of the Board and CEO of a public company.

Charles’ quest for answers about the white-collar crime misadventure that destroyed his life, and his journey to reclaim its broken pieces and put it back together again, became a calling … a calling that became a life work … and a life work that became The MythMakers Series©.